How to Trade Binary Option at

How to Trade Binary Option at
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How to Trade at

To trade binary options, simply login into the platform and fund your account.

1. Choose asset for trading: Crypto, Commodities, Epics, Reverse Future.
How to Trade Binary Option at
2. Choose an Expiration Time
How to Trade Binary Option at
3. Choose a trade amount. You can enter by two options:
  • Investment: Enter the amount you want to trade
  • Size %: Enter the percentage on Balance
Minimum trade amount is $1.
How to Trade Binary Option at
You can see the Profit in advance.
How to Trade Binary Option at
4. Choose UP (Green) or DOWN (Red) options depending on your forecast. If you expect the price to go up, press "UP"  and if you think the price to go down, press "DOWN"
How to Trade Binary Option at
5. The result of your trade will appear immediately after expiration of your position on your Balance. You can monitor the Progress of your Order
How to Trade Binary Option at

How much money do i need to have in order to trade on spectre?

minimum deposit amount depends on the payment method used, but generally for regular accounts, the minimum deposit is $10 and minimum trade size is $1.00. for a wallet account where no deposits are needed, the minimum trade size is $50.00. we strongly advise starting off with small amounts as financial trading is risky, despite being rewarding.

Does spectre offer signals or auto-trading?

spectre offers educational trade indicators that find potentially profitable chart setups. however these are not considered investment advice, they merely locate possible opportunities.


What are payouts and spreads like?

payouts on digital contracts range from 5%-200% depending on asset, expiry and time of day. allows spread-free entries on most assets and expiries where indicative entry price (iep) is in-line with spot price. however, for periods of very low liquidity such as 8pm-midnight gmt or on exotic products such as microexpiries of 10-30 seconds, 0.2 pip spread on 5 minutes expiries and a small spread on entry of between 0.1-0.9 pips may also be applied.

Can i connect my mt4 to my spectre?

spectre will offer this capability in 2021.

What is the maximum trading amount per transaction?

the current maximum trade size is $1,000 per trade, which can be increased to $2,000 with the "jumbo trades" privilege in traders bay.

Why does the indicative entry price (iep) differ from the spot price at times?

the indicative entry price (iep) may differ from the spot price received from the quote feed provider (seen on your live chart) during times of low market liquidity or micro expiries of under 30 seconds. if a difference exists, this is in the range of 0.1 to 0.9 pips depending on market conditions. 90% or more of trade entry prices in the platform have no spread and the spot price is the iep.

What defi coins do you currently support?

we currently support snx, knc, band, link, usdc and pax. we will be adding more defi coins in the coming months, including our very own sxdt and sxut.

Can i exchange one defi coin for another?

no, you cannot exchange any part of your balance from one defi coin to another, as this is not an exchange account.

Can i abuse the trading system?

wallet accounts which are decentralised give the user a few seconds before they wish to commit funds to a trade so that the trade gets mined in time, on the blockchain. users may abuse this facility, however, for short duration trades to see where the price is headed and if it is headed in their direction, may enter but may not enter if it is headed against their desired direction. the system picks up this activity as this is considered manipulation, warns the traders about doing so and should the users persist, then the accounts may be banned. apart from this, accessing by multiple people under the same kyc authorised account either under the same i.p or different (with the view to circumvent our country restrictions) is strictly prohibited. more than 10 trades per minute initiated using mt4 bridges or any other non-api gateways will be considered as high frequency trading and they are strictly prohibited.
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