Reltime Runs Token Sale and Lists on P2PB2B

Reltime Runs Token Sale and Lists on P2PB2B

The token sale session for Reltime has already started on the P2PB2B exchange. When buying RTC, users will get a 30% bonus additionally. 

The tokens can be purchased until January 11th, along with joining the projects community. The token sale will be followed by a listing on the P2PB2B exchange. Meanwhile, here is an introduction to the project.

Reltime: What is it?

The platform provides direct peer-to-peer lending, borrowing, and free remittance services as well as joint-accounting services with support from top industry executives abroad. The Realtime DeFi Ecosystem eliminates the middleman, allowing users to deal directly with one another. Using a consensus mechanism based on identity, the Ecosystem developed its own Reltime PoA protocol (Proof of Authority) for faster transactions.

What makes it special?

Reltime allows users to earn money and send money worldwide for free without middlemen.

Using the Reltime DEFI Ecosystem, you will be able to control your own money and choose who you will lend or send to, with a secure, instant transaction.

New features include the ability to invite new users through the joint and instant account system. By the way, you can now earn by lending money.

Reltime: Its Features and Benefits

  • Loans with flexibility. Borrowers can set their own interest rates and lend to anyone;
  • No remittance cost for users. Users in Norway can use their virtual card to check out using an alternative payment method to users in India, for example;
  • Set up joint accounts. It’s possible to create joint accounts with anyone, including friends and family members worldwide;
  • Link relation to Reltime without involving a central bank or neobank;
  • Money can be sent anywhere. You can send money to anyone in the world if you have their contact information;
  • Physical and virtual cards. Get Physical and Virtual cards for transactions, as well as a Biometric card from Mastercard.
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